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Double your user’s lifespan

Increase user engagement

Increase user LTV

Introducing the Solution For User Engagement That You’ve Been Looking For

Inside the app developer community, it’s no secret that user retention is hard work. With an increasingly competitive landscape littered with new apps vying for attention, holding onto your user base has become more and more difficult.

That’s where InboxMobi can help. InboxMobi delivers your existing in-app and push notifications directly into your user’s inbox, which studies say they check over 150 times a day. Your message goes right to the top of their inbox where they can’t miss it, doubling your user’s lifespan while boosting their engagement.

  • Contact your users outside the app
  • Double your user retention rate
  • Higher engagement + longer life = Higher LTV
  • No SDK required
  • Convert all your new users into loyal subscribers
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Don’t let your users get away!

InboxMobi is the industry’s only true solution to the ongoing problem of user retention. Reach your users outside the app — even if they’ve deleted it.

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