High-Impact Email Placements

Deliver stand-alone, high-impact email offers in tandem with your regularly distributed mailing for easy, brand-safe data monetization. Leveraging AdStation’s strategic targeting algorithms and consumer profile database, each subscriber receives the most relevant and click-worthy offer available when the message is opened.

Publishers can get started quickly with our proprietary integrated API — now available for more than 25 email service providers (ESPs) or easily integrated with your existing platform. The API connects to our database of more than 1.5 billion consumer profiles to match targeted offers and campaigns to the individual subscribers most likely to click them — achieving industry-leading CTRs for advertisers and most competitive payouts for publishers.

Advertisers benefit from high-impact email opportunities by connecting with target audiences when and where messages are most effective. Stand-alone deliveries command attention and drive engagement resulting in higher open rates and ROIs than traditional email marketing methods. Our in-house usability experts optimize placements for mobile delivery so you can achieve industry-leading results quickly.

Make an Impact

High-impact email placements offer unbeatable opportunities to engage audiences when and where it matters most. Contact our team to get started.