Audience Insights

Audience insights identify trends among your most active audiences and construct new profiles matching those exact characteristics to extend your reach in the AdStation network. Leverage our consumer database of more than 1.5 billion records to accurately find new consumers that fit your target. Then, combine audience insights with our strategic demographic, geographic and behavioral targeting to reach both new and existing audiences with extreme efficiency and effectiveness.

We’ve never seen targeting technology or lead quality like this before. We showed a nine times higher ROI over alternative lead generation methods —including paid search.Adele Nasr, 3 Day Blinds Director of Marketing

Securely Encryped


Data is exchanged using an MD5 cryptographic hash to ensure the safety and security of your customers. Each subscriber remains completely anonymous.

Brand Safe

Brand Safe

Protect your brand equity with targeted delivery of premium inventory to premium publishers.

Maintain Control

Maintain Control

Maintain complete control of campaigns and offer delivery with our on-demand offer engine.

Extend Your Reach

Build your look-alike audience and get more from your campaign with precision targeting. Contact our team to learn more.