Test, Review, Optimize and Repeat (and Repeat, and Repeat)

Ashlea Owings Blog, Content and Creative, Data and Analytics

The process is pretty standard. You create your email. You test it — for quality, function, usability, engagement and so on. You see what works and, more often, what doesn’t. Make your changes. Then, start the process again. Endlessly. You may be thinking, “oh, no, that’s simply not true. We only have to test our emails a couple of times …

Big data

How Can “Big Data” Help You?

Cara Peppers Blog, Data and Analytics

Digital marketing is scary to some because it’s extremely easy to tell what works and what doesn’t. It sounds counterintuitive, but this is intimidating because it means you will come face to face with failure. Knowing what to do with that failure is what will make you successful. If you see something that’s not working – stop doing that. Nowhere …

Why is AOL Misbehaving?

Lance Hemenway Blog, Delivery

For the last few months, many mailers have had issues delivering to AOL associated to variations of “mtain-df04.r1000.mx.aol.com Service unavailable – try again later.” By definition, these are temporary errors, so they should be retried until you’re able to get through, right? Yes and no, many mailers are not seeing successful delivery by the time their systems expire the message; …