Audience engagement

Measuring the True Value of Audience Engagement Across Digital Media

Laura Noll Blog, Content and Creative, Delivery

The success of your digital marketing initiatives can be easily measured by engagement. The level of interaction created between your brand and your audience in the digital space can be very telling when it comes to the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. But, not all engagement is created equal and it’s important that you mind which types of engagement are …


Hitting the Target: Strategies for Targeting Digital Audiences

Laura Noll Advertising, Blog, Data and Analytics

In the lands of B2C and B2B advertising, no one is a stranger to targeting. However, a recent study reported that 76% of marketers do not utilize behavioral data in segmentation or targeting. It also showed that only 38% believe they are capable of targeting prospects versus returning customers — concluding that “there’s a disconnect between segmentation development and execution.” …

Email marketing advantages

Top 5 Advantages of Email Marketing

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Even with the rise of social media, programmatic ad buying, native advertising and more, email marketing continues to make a splash as one of the most effective solutions for reaching your target audience. Add in automated solutions for buying reach to email audiences and you’re sure to see a rise in your ROI and greater success in your campaigns. Why? …

Shared accounts

Reach Shared Email Account Users with Response-based Targeting

Laura Noll Advertising, Blog

Precisely targeting an audience can be challenging. Introduce shared email and social accounts to the mix and you could be missing the mark entirely. Thankfully, there are tools that can ensure that your email is delivered to the right audience at the right time. In the recent Internet Project survey by Pew Research Center, 27% of Internet users in committed …

5 Tips For Mobilizing Your E-mail Campaigns

Alyssa Guenther Blog, Content and Creative

While social marketing appears to dominate the advertising landscape, e-mail marketing is still a proven method for reaching consumers. But like everything else, it has changed with the times. Sure, it still looks basically the same as it did when it was introduced, and the delivery method hasn’t changed. But the way people access their e-mail has morphed into mobile, …

Relax And Let Geo-targeting Work for You

Lance Hemenway Advertising, Blog

Perhaps the biggest marketing strategy to come out of the SoLoMo (Social, Local & Mobile) trend is geo-targeting (aka location-based marketing). Advertising to the right people in the right places in real time is proving to be a lucrative plan for advertisers all along the sales spectrum. Considering that 75% of smartphone users use their devices to track down local …

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: What Isn’t So Trendy After All?

Lance Hemenway Blog, Monetization

It’s only April and most of the crystal ball New Year’s predictions bloggers made about what they believe would be the trends-to-watch in affiliate marketing this year are unraveling.  Let’s take a look at all the once-popular fads that will continue to go up in smoke over the next several months. Marketing Automation. Yep, the pendulum is swinging once again. …

Cleaning Up Your Act

Lance Hemenway Blog, Delivery

Targeting for fun and profit! Pop quiz: what is the difference between marketing and spam? Now that’s a loaded question, isn’t it? Because just about everyone has an opinion on spam. Most of the arguments you hear are relatively sound, I mean they sound reasonable, right? But just because they sound reasonable doesn’t mean they are right. I got a …