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Stop Sending Sucky Subject Lines

Laura Noll Blog, Content and Creative, eBooks, Resources

Crafting perfect subject lines takes much more skill than one might expect. In fewer characters than your typical tweet, you must grab attention, make a point and cause just enough curiosity to inspire a click. The perfect subjects are very much a balance of art and science — involving just enough creativity to entertain while very strategically moving subscribers on …

Subject lines

Everything You Need to Know About Subject Lines

Kristin LaBatt Blog, Content and Creative

Alternatively titled: Why Long, Boring, Uninteresting and Overly Complicated Subject Lines Without Any Real Point Go Completely Unread. But then that just proves our point.  Not all emails are read. (Duh.) No one has time for low-quality email marketing when your first impression is often your last.  So, it’s in your best interest to use your email subject line to stand …

Compliance requirements

AdStation Compliance Reminders

Jessie Sight Blog, Compliance

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, AdStation publishers must adhere to a set of compliance guidelines set forth in our publisher agreement. To ensure your account is protected and up to date with the latest information, follow these compliance requirements: Email header information must not be false or misleading. In the “From Line” of all emails, you must …

Subject lines

4 Simple Tricks for a Better Subject Line

Laura Noll Blog, Content and Creative

Email open rates hover at about 27% for the entire medium. Yours could be more or less, but one surefire way to increase them is with a great headline, or subject line. We’ve all gotten emails that were DOA (Deleted On Arrival) because the subject line was confusing, irrelevant, or meaningless. A strong, compelling headline can be your only chance …

5 Tips For Mobilizing Your E-mail Campaigns

Alyssa Guenther Blog, Content and Creative

While social marketing appears to dominate the advertising landscape, e-mail marketing is still a proven method for reaching consumers. But like everything else, it has changed with the times. Sure, it still looks basically the same as it did when it was introduced, and the delivery method hasn’t changed. But the way people access their e-mail has morphed into mobile, …