Email Personalization

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There are many trends in email marketing that will not being going away any time soon, and personalization is a big one of those trends.  While, as marketers, we aim at acquiring as much consumer data as we can, we also want to acquire the right type of data.  Data we can use to keep you, the consumer, coming back. …

Subject lines ebook

Stop Sending Sucky Subject Lines

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Crafting perfect subject lines takes much more skill than one might expect. In fewer characters than your typical tweet, you must grab attention, make a point and cause just enough curiosity to inspire a click. The perfect subjects are very much a balance of art and science — involving just enough creativity to entertain while very strategically moving subscribers on …

10 Email Marketing Tips

10 Tips for Email Publishers

Matt Hoggatt Blog, Content and Creative

There are a lot of brands and marketers out there who overlook the incredible ROI of email marketing. Over the years, abuse by spammers and deliverability challenges have led many to be skeptical of email and seek other ways to reach their customers. However, despite the variety of challenges that often face email marketers, email marketing continues to be one …

Email Reinvented

Email, Reinvented: Why Customization is Crucial

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Historically, the key to email advertising has been deliverability. If a user tends to open his mail and/or respond to it, messages will definitely be placed in the inbox. If recipients ignore mailings, they’re going to wind up in the junk folder. The days of blindly firing out as many emails as possible to random email addresses has become an outdated …

Creating relevance

3 Keys to Creating Relevance

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Email opens, click-throughs and success are directly related to how relevant your message is to your audience. Finding common ground can be difficult, but simple considerations can boost your ROI significantly. Create relevance with 3 simple tips: Be strategic in your timing The phrase timing is everything has multiple meanings in the digital space. Change is always afoot, so timing …