Unsubscribe and List Cleaning Best Practices

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Users are receiving more email than ever these days. If you want your emails to reach them, there are things to keep in mind. Not only do you need to follow CAN-SPAM guidelines for unsubscribe links, but you should only be mailing to users who want to receive your mail. Mailing to users who don’t want it hurts your list …

List growth

5 Simple Strategies for Growing Your Email List

Laura Noll Blog, Compliance, Content and Creative

Your email list is quite possibly your most valuable connection to your audience. If maintained well, the natural growth of your list can help you to make trusted, honest connections with users that truly want to receive your content. Organic growth can take quite a bit of time — but there are solutions for expediting the process without severely sacrificing …

List cleaning

Update Neglected Data with 5 Easy Steps for Email List Cleaning

Laura Noll Blog, Compliance

Sending email marketing campaigns to old or stale lists can result in high numbers of spam complaints, bounces and unsubscribes. All three can flag your account and IP as a sender of spam — eventually blocking your messages from the inbox. Add in that most email service providers have strict compliance standards designed to protect you as a sender and …

First-generation data

Moving Toward Mailing First-Generation Data

Laura Noll Blog, Compliance

Sending email marketing messages to purchased email lists is a notoriously dangerous practice. Sure, you can achieve quick reach, but it can make a permanent impact on your sender reputation and deliverability. The solution? Marketers have found long-term success in building and mailing first-generation lists. To truly understand the value of first-generation data, we must first know the pitfalls of …

Get into the inbox

5 Tips for Getting into the Inbox

Matt Hoggatt Blog, Delivery

People have been saying that email marketing is “dead” for quite some time, but with a quick look at some statistics from 2014, it becomes obvious that email continues to be one of the most effective marketing tools available. In fact, it’s reported that 95% of consumers use email, and 91% of users check their inbox at least once a …

List growth incentives

3 Questions That Will Improve Your List Growth Incentives

Ashlea Owings Blog, Content and Creative

Growing your email list can be a challenge. Many mailers turn to promotions and giveaways to sweeten the deal for potential subscribers while encouraging them to provide their information. Incentives can be excellent tools for list growth when used correctly — and we can help you do just that by asking a few simple questions. 1. Is the subscriber interested …

Effective links

Creating Effective Links

Cara Peppers Blog, Content and Creative

Adding a link to your email isn’t particularly difficult — but adding multiple and weighing what to link and where can be another story. Link placement and calls to action can make or break the effectiveness of your message. Improving the return on your investment of time and resources can be a few strategic steps away. Limit the number of links Generally, …

Social in email integration

4 Simple Steps for Integrating Social Media with Email

Kristin LaBatt Blog, Content and Creative

According to MarketingProfs, “email is thriving, not perishing, in our social media-loving age.” In fact, publishers can take advantage of social media to easily extend the reach of email and boost click-through rates. The CTR of an average email is 2.4%, but add social icons and the CTR jumps to 6.2% — a 158% increase! How can you integrate social …

Email stats

23 Mind-Blowing Email Marketing Stats

Alyssa Guenther Benchmarks, Blog

Email marketing continues to rank among the most effective strategies for connecting with your target audience. However, with constant growth in the digital space, it’s easy to lose track of just how powerful the tried-and-true medium can be. Don’t just take our word for it — check out these 23 industry-changing email statistics from across the web. Worldwide mobile email …

Creating relevance

3 Keys to Creating Relevance

Ashlea Owings Blog, Content and Creative

Email opens, click-throughs and success are directly related to how relevant your message is to your audience. Finding common ground can be difficult, but simple considerations can boost your ROI significantly. Create relevance with 3 simple tips: Be strategic in your timing The phrase timing is everything has multiple meanings in the digital space. Change is always afoot, so timing …