First-generation data

Moving Toward Mailing First-Generation Data

Laura Noll Blog, Compliance

Sending email marketing messages to purchased email lists is a notoriously dangerous practice. Sure, you can achieve quick reach, but it can make a permanent impact on your sender reputation and deliverability. The solution? Marketers have found long-term success in building and mailing first-generation lists. To truly understand the value of first-generation data, we must first know the pitfalls of …

Leads and revenue from email

How to Use Email to Generate Leads and Revenue

Matt Hoggatt Blog, Monetization

When it comes to online marketing, email is one of the most powerful tools you have. Social media might be the latest sexy medium, but when it comes to generating leads, nurturing customer relationships and providing long-term growth, email is still incredibly effective. It’s easy to use, priced right and it works. Here’s proof: Even with all of the new …

Marketing sins

7 Marketing Sins That Scare Away Prospects

Cara Peppers Blog, Content and Creative

What if I told you, that you could be scaring off several to many prospects per day—without even being aware of it. “Ignorance is not bliss” in this case. Ignorance here is costing you customers. While these are only metaphorically “sins,” nonetheless, they could be sending your bottom line to hell in a hand basket. In this article, we’ll help …

Psychology lead gen

12 Ways To Use Psychology for Lead Conversions

Ashlea Owings Advertising, Blog

The world’s largest advertising agencies wield the power of psychology every day to influence consumers to act or to buy. You should be doing it too. These tactics work. Even better, they mostly don’t cost a dime to utilize. Furthermore, these are not “selling” techniques. They are techniques in which to speak to a prospect’s desires. Here are 12 persuasive …

If Lead Generation was a Big Game Hunt, You’d be Dead

Ashlea Owings Blog, Content and Creative

Generating quality leads is like tracking big game. You have to find the perfect hunting site, stalk your prey, and move in for the kill. But while most big game hunters enjoy the thrill of the hunt, affiliate marketers know tracking new leads is all about survival. Similar to hunting big game, tracking down quality leads isn’t for the meek, …