10 Email Marketing Tips

10 Tips for Email Publishers

Matt Hoggatt Blog, Content and Creative

There are a lot of brands and marketers out there who overlook the incredible ROI of email marketing. Over the years, abuse by spammers and deliverability challenges have led many to be skeptical of email and seek other ways to reach their customers. However, despite the variety of challenges that often face email marketers, email marketing continues to be one …

Design matters

Why Design Matters More Than Ever

Laura Noll Blog, Content and Creative, Industry Events

Redefine design? Forget about it. Design evolves and, especially where the online world is concerned, it’s been making huge strides for years. Design is no longer the act of “making it pretty.” With the rise of data-driven design, it’s now as much of a science as it is an art — those that have mastered the balance of the two …

Email samples

Grabbing Attention in 3 Seconds or Less

Alyson Salva Blog, Content and Creative

What is your email saying in 3 seconds? The answer is more important that you might guess. According to eMarketer’s Email Benchmarks 2014 report, around 40% of marketing emails are read in fewer than 3 seconds. That leaves marketers very slim on time to catch attention and encourage engagement. eMarketer also reported that “…mobile devices often serve as email-vetting tools, …

Responsive frameworks

Go Responsive with Free Email Frameworks

Laura Noll Blog, Content and Creative

Responsive design has grown in necessity as designers and developers aim to create a consistent user experience across the barrage of devices a user touches day to day. In email development, that goal is only complicated as we’re challenged to accommodate the unique needs of the ever-growing list of email clients, browsers and apps in circulation. Even without the responsive …

Go Mobile or Go Home – Mobile Fitness Checklist

Lance Hemenway Blog, Content and Creative

Have you realigned everything you are doing to be mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized? If you haven’t, you’d better stop ignoring its importance. Do it now. It’s time to: “Go Mobile or Go Home.” Your prospects and viewers are arriving more and more on mobile devices. If your sites and emails are not translating well for mobile, your audience will be frustrated …

5 Tips For Mobilizing Your E-mail Campaigns

Alyssa Guenther Blog, Content and Creative

While social marketing appears to dominate the advertising landscape, e-mail marketing is still a proven method for reaching consumers. But like everything else, it has changed with the times. Sure, it still looks basically the same as it did when it was introduced, and the delivery method hasn’t changed. But the way people access their e-mail has morphed into mobile, …

Adknowledge Announces Official Launch of AdStation.com

Lance Hemenway Blog, Industry Events, Monetization

Adknowledge proudly announced today the official launch of AdStation.com. AdStation, the email channel of Adknowledge, recently reported record high earnings for publishers and advertisers alike. That, combined with free mobile optimizations for all advertisers, contributed to Adotas naming AdStation the top email ad performer in the industry just last month. “Things have just really taken off,” said Matt Hoggatt, GM …