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AdStation Announces New Branded CPC Email Solution

Laura Noll Advertising, Blog

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — July 15, 2014 — AdStation, Adknowledge’s email channel, has added CPC options for branded standalone email campaigns — traditionally a CPM and CPA-based service. The new brand-specific CPC offering enables advertisers to leverage AdStation’s look-alike audience intelligence and deliverability expertise to drive conversions. “AdStation has spent more than a decade building a category-based CPC targeting engine for …

CPA vs. CPC: There Can be Only One

Lance Hemenway Blog, Monetization

It’s a classic matchup. Jolie vs. Aniston, Wolverine vs. Hulk, CPA vs. CPC. If you ask affiliate marketers their opinion on the topic, you risk awakening their inner Manson. A plethora of platitudes and profanity will rain down upon you as your frightened mind races to find a means to somehow withdraw the question entirely. Despite the prevailing logic behind …