Effective links

Creating Effective Links

Cara Peppers Blog, Content and Creative

Adding a link to your email isn’t particularly difficult — but adding multiple and weighing what to link and where can be another story. Link placement and calls to action can make or break the effectiveness of your message. Improving the return on your investment of time and resources can be a few strategic steps away. Limit the number of links Generally, …

New Year's resolutions

6 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions for 2014

Kristin LaBatt Blog, Content and Creative

The past year saw several changes that affected Internet marketing. The continual growth of mobile and social media, to the shift towards “me-commerce,” to changes in search engine algorithms focusing on content over SEO, and more; all meant marketers had to change tactics in 2013. If you haven’t already made changes to your marketing tactics, here are some marketing resolutions …