Audience engagement

Measuring the True Value of Audience Engagement Across Digital Media

Laura Noll Blog, Content and Creative, Delivery

The success of your digital marketing initiatives can be easily measured by engagement. The level of interaction created between your brand and your audience in the digital space can be very telling when it comes to the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. But, not all engagement is created equal and it’s important that you mind which types of engagement are …

Media Next quote

3 Easy Steps for Improving Your Content Archives

Laura Noll Blog, Content and Creative

Content archives play hugely beneficial roles in keeping traffic rolling through your site and fueling your monetization efforts. As you add content to your website — through a blog, landing page or otherwise — you are adding to the library of keywords that can help you to be found online. With proper SEO optimization and maintenance of those keywords, your …

Peanut butter

The Delicious Secrets to Quick Content

Laura Noll Blog, Content and Creative, Industry Events

Peanut butter, lunch and an iron fist could, surprisingly, be the secrets to driving content velocity. The concept isn’t as far-fetched as it may seem according Bryan Deluca, Content Operations Director at Hearst Electronics Group, and Andrew Hanelly, SVP Strategy at McMurry/TMG. We joined them for a session at Media Next to peek at their strategies for driving content turnaround and improving audience …

The Death of Guest Blogging?

Lance Hemenway Blog, Content and Creative

If you really think about it, it was bound to happen. Like all SEO tricks, Google will take exception with them and shoot them dead. It’s obvious that Penguin and Panda were only the beginning of more to come. And more has come. This blog post by Google’s Matt Cutts on January 20, 2014 says it loud and clear and …

New Year's resolutions

6 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions for 2014

Kristin LaBatt Blog, Content and Creative

The past year saw several changes that affected Internet marketing. The continual growth of mobile and social media, to the shift towards “me-commerce,” to changes in search engine algorithms focusing on content over SEO, and more; all meant marketers had to change tactics in 2013. If you haven’t already made changes to your marketing tactics, here are some marketing resolutions …


Is Your Blog Doing Its Job?

Cara Peppers Blog, Content and Creative

If you are in the business of Internet marketing, as an advertiser or publisher, and you are using a blog; this article is aimed at you. Why do you have a blog? I hope you aren’t answering this question with: “Well every company has one now, it’s something you have to do … ” or something similar. No. That is …


Essential SEO for Blogs in Any Algorithm

Ashlea Owings Blog, Content and Creative

Google seems to be rolling out algorithm updates one after another. Many speculate the death of SEO, while others remained confused. What helps? What hurts? SEO is certainly not dead. Core principles of SEO remain. Let’s review simple, essential things you can do to keep your blog posts optimized. Keywords: You can’t Rank For Everything If you are trying to …

Is Article Marketing Dead or Dying?

Lance Hemenway Blog, Content and Creative

Google’s Penguin put the deep-freeze to and Panda bear-paw slapped the article directories seriously hard. That left many wondering if article marketing is dead or dying. Dead? No. Dying? Well, what’s dying is only the former practice of using articles from article banks that thousands of others also use. All is not lost. As long as people want information, they …

Learning to Share

Alyssa Guenther Blog, Content and Creative

As you were growing up, you categorized kids in your classes from K-6 as either “sharers” or “non-sharers.” Sometimes that meant sharing a treat your Mom packed in your sack lunch … or, maybe it was sharing your extra pencil when both of your pals broke during a test. You shared because that’s who you were then.  And likely are …

Double Your Website Traffic

Lance Hemenway Blog, Content and Creative

So you’ve got yourself a website. You’ve got your ads in place. You’re having some success with converting, and now you’re thinking to yourself, “The only thing that would be better is if more people would come to my site!” You’re not alone. Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing. Even if you’ve been in the internet industry for a …