Key Factors for Gauging Email Response

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How does a company gauge the success of their email campaigns? Are there key factors that can help increase the conversion rate of these campaigns? Of course, and those factors can vary depending on the goal of your email and the audience you are approaching. Here are a few key factors and basic tips to help gauge the effectiveness of …

Audience engagement

Measuring the True Value of Audience Engagement Across Digital Media

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The success of your digital marketing initiatives can be easily measured by engagement. The level of interaction created between your brand and your audience in the digital space can be very telling when it comes to the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. But, not all engagement is created equal and it’s important that you mind which types of engagement are …


Hitting the Target: Strategies for Targeting Digital Audiences

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In the lands of B2C and B2B advertising, no one is a stranger to targeting. However, a recent study reported that 76% of marketers do not utilize behavioral data in segmentation or targeting. It also showed that only 38% believe they are capable of targeting prospects versus returning customers — concluding that “there’s a disconnect between segmentation development and execution.” …

Our General Manager has Great Hair

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It’s true. AdStation GM Matt Hoggatt has some excellent locks, and he recently showed them off for the cameras in an Adknowledge miniseries detailing aspects of the digital advertising technology business. People have a limited amount of time. Today, we’re being bombarded with emails, texts, Facebook messages and all kinds of other things. You only have a few seconds of …

Shared accounts

Reach Shared Email Account Users with Response-based Targeting

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Precisely targeting an audience can be challenging. Introduce shared email and social accounts to the mix and you could be missing the mark entirely. Thankfully, there are tools that can ensure that your email is delivered to the right audience at the right time. In the recent Internet Project survey by Pew Research Center, 27% of Internet users in committed …

Press release

Adknowledge Unveils AdStation Custom Audiences

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AdStation, Adknowledge’s email channel, announced the launch of AdStation Custom Audiences, a new product featuring innovative technology that allows advertisers to target new consumers with unparalleled granular demographic and behavioral data. “AdStation Custom Audiences fundamentally changes the way people will advertise online,” said General Manager of AdStation, Matt Hoggatt. “We’ve been testing this product for several months, and the results …

Relax And Let Geo-targeting Work for You

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Perhaps the biggest marketing strategy to come out of the SoLoMo (Social, Local & Mobile) trend is geo-targeting (aka location-based marketing). Advertising to the right people in the right places in real time is proving to be a lucrative plan for advertisers all along the sales spectrum. Considering that 75% of smartphone users use their devices to track down local …

Where Are Your Users?

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Ask an email marketer what percent of their users are at each major ISP and they’ll be able to query their database and give you stats. How does your data compare to the overall piece of the pie? According to a 2011 Q4 Comscore report ,Hotmail has roughly 350 million users, Yahoo has 310 million users, and Gmail has 260 …