Publisher Guidelines

These Guidelines summarize publisher responsibilities for sending commercial email when using any AdStation product offering. AdStation publishers must adhere to all laws applicable to email advertising and to their contractual obligations with Adknowledge.

1. All email header information must not be false or misleading. In the “From Line” of all emails, you must always identify yourself as the sender, (either your company name or a registered DBA). This means that your “From,” “To,” “Reply-To,” and routing information (which also includes the originating domain name and email address) must be accurate. Privately registered sending domains are not permitted.

2. Subject lines and “friendly from” lines must be included exactly as provided by Adknowledge.

3. You must clearly and conspicuously identify the message as an ad or solicitation.

4. You must provide recipients with your valid physical postal address that corresponds with the address utilized in your sending domain registration (which can be determined by performing a WHOIS look-up). This needs to be clearly visible and displayed in every email message. For CPA mailings, an advertiser postal address and a publisher postal address must also be included. The advertiser postal address is included in the email creative.

5. Opt-out requests must be honored promptly.
• An opt-out link must be clearly visible and operable in every email message.
• You must list a return email address or other Internet-based method to allow recipients to contact you and to communicate their email messaging preferences.
• Make sure your own spam or message filters do not block opt-out requests from reaching you.
• For CPA-based advertising, both the publisher opt-out link and the advertiser opt-out link must both be present in the email.
• Recipient’s opt-out requests must be honored within ten (10) business days.
• Best Practices: Opt-outs should be honored as quickly as possible. (No later than 48 hours). Design the opt-out notice to be easily recognized, read, and understood. You can include a “preferences” link for users to change options regarding frequency of messages or opting out of particular types of messages. However, the option to stop all messages must always be included.

6. Other opt-out requirements. Your opt-out link must remain active for a minimum of thirty (30) days after you send your email. It is unlawful to charge a fee, require the use of a CAPTCHA, or to require any personally identifying information beyond an email address from the recipient for them to opt out. The recipient must not be required to take any further steps other than sending an opt-out email reply to you or to visit a single Internet website page featuring an opt-out request mechanism. You may not sell or transfer the email addresses of anyone who has opted out from your email list except for compliance purposes or as otherwise permitted by law.

7. If you are contacted by your account manager or the Compliance Department you must respond promptly to acknowledge receipt of the email and confirm the steps you are taking to resolve the issue. Failure to do so could lead to termination or withholding of publisher fees.

These Guidelines summarize the standard Adknowledge Publisher Agreement. If the terms of these Guidelines differ from your Publisher Agreement, the terms of your Publisher Agreement shall govern.