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Discover new, effective strategies for data monetization when you infuse your email marketing efforts with offers from the industry’s most highly rated network. Connect to our automated offer engine seamlessly deliver high-impact, stand-alone placements at your defined cadence. Integration is painless with no cost to you.

Email publishers are officially out of excuses. Now, we’re able to provide full access to AdStation’s email offer engine including custom creatives, templates, thousands of advertisers and the highest PPCs in the industry — all without a complicated integration. Bill Intrater, SVP AdStation by Adknowledge

Our newest feature release gives you the power to control your monetization efforts. Select custom templates, specific categories, and the frequency that each category is mailed easily through the publisher platform. And, now, you can get access to it all in as little as one hour via our new SMTP relay connection.

Contact us today to start monetizing your email efforts today with no upfront investment.

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