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Our new partnership with Payability offers you the opportunity to have cash in hand in as little as 7 days — even without a merchant account. AdStation now offers weekly payments for all qualifying publishers — getting you paid faster on the industry’s leading email offer network.

No Obligation

AdStation and Payability have teamed up to get you paid every week with absolutely no obligation or hassle. Get set up easily and control your payment terms via AdStation’s publisher platform. It’s that simple!

Trusted Network

AdStation is the top-ranked network in the industry — including recognition from the Pert Group for “most financially stable” and “best account management.” Take advantage of industry-leading features and offer performance today.

Sign up today to learn more about Payability and receiving your first AdStation check in just 7 days.

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No minimum amount needed to use the service, but earnings will need to reach at least $100 before payment is processed. Payment option is offered in 80 different countries. Minimal transaction fees will be based on total revenue. Payments are made via ACH, wire or check. Payments are made 3 business days after each earning cycle. Eighty percent of the publisher’s estimated earnings are accelerated and 30% are reserved for any adjustments. The withholding is then processed after earnings are finalized.