Powerful Newsletter Monetization

Make money from your email newsletter. Monetize your existing content with targeted offers from the industry’s highest-rated network.

Newsletter Offers by AdStation

IAB Standard Banners

Infuse your email with leaderboard, tower and square banner ads designed to fit seamlessly into your newsletter. At standard industry sizes — 300×250, 728×90 and 160×600 — you can easily incorporate monetized ads into any space.

Newsletter Offers by AdStation

Offer Stacks

Engage your subscribers with our high-impact offer stack. Leverage our industry leading targeting algorithms and behavioral data to supply your subscribers with offers that perform. When your reader clicks, you make money!

Newsletter Offers by AdStation

Custom Landing Page

Each ad in your newsletter links to a custom landing page that further protects your brand visual and integrity. Designed to flawlessly match your newsletter style, these pages link to relevant content without cluttering your newsletter.

Yahoo advertisers in your newsletter

Exclusive Yahoo! Advertisers

We’ve partnered with Yahoo! for years to give AdStation publishers access to top-tier advertisers and higher payouts through brand-safe advertising. Having found huge success in delivering standalone offers, we’ve optimized our strategies to now inject these high-performing offers directly into your newsletter.

With our long standing relationship and foundation of success, we’re excited to offer you this exclusive opportunity to promote Yahoo! advertisers with absolutely no risk to the brand you’ve built.

Our Brand Safe 2-Click Process

With a simple code snippet, we can powerfully inject white-label offers directly into your newsletter. Without blatant, gawdy logos and promotional messages cluttering your newsletter, you can be sure your users are clicking on content and offers they really want.

When users click, they’re directed to a custom landing page that is branded to look just like your brand and newsletter. Additional links on the page direct them to the content they want most while ensuring you get the highest possible payouts for your users’ engagement.

The entire process is completely complementary to the incredible customer experience and engagement you’ve already built as a content creator. We simply provide the opportunity for you to seamlessly make money from your effort!

2-click process

Easy Implementation

Simply place our AdTag into the HTML of your email template and you’re ready to roll! A few lines of code with a couple of custom macros is all that you need to get started making money from newsletter ads. Once the initial macros are replaced, the AdTag will not need to be changed or modified. Literally set it and forget it — just wait for the check!

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