Email Monetization Made Easy

Making money from email has never been more simple. With the AdStation integrated API and new SMTP relay, connecting to our automated offer engine takes as little as one hour which means you can send offers right away and start monetizing your data faster.

Email monetization

Unmatched Targeting Power and Control

Our offer engine communicates directly with your email platform to analyze your distribution list, compare your audience to our vast network of advertisers and perfectly match the most click-worthy offer to each individual subscriber’s interests. Then, the automated system delivers that offer at your defined cadence, tracks the click and returns the highest possible PPCs to you.

Email monetization



Achieve the Industry’s Top Results and ROI

Getting started is not only easy — it’s also free. Membership in our popular publisher network is completely cost-free and includes access to an unbeatable account management team that will help you optimize your campaigns to achieve great results. Leverage unbeatable features and monetization control in the AdStation network including:

  • Extensive data including 1.5 billion unique consumer profiles
  • Exceptional targeting across mobile, email, search and more — achieving the industry’s highest PPCs and top payouts
  • Heightened ROI with our vast creative library
  • Creative customization options to match your typical mailings
  • Upgraded control features like offer category selection and delivery frequency
  • Complete data security through MD5 encryption and more
  • Premium ad inventory backed by the AdStation advertiser network including leading brands like Land Rover, LG, L’Oreal and many more

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