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Adknowledge VP of Strategic Alliances, Bill Intrater, recently appeared on Performance Marketing Insider TV for an interview with industry insider Murray Newlands.

Here’s their conversation:

Murray: Bill, tell me, what are you doing in the email space to meet the challenges that are happening in email and the industry in 2013?

Bill: What we’re trying to do is respond to what the email publishers in the industry are asking for. They’re really looking for a couple of things. They’re looking for a breadth of email offers to choose from. So, we have a really strong advertiser sales team focused on expanding the offers that we have available through our network. We’re also looking at our technology to make sure that our solutions provide a breadth of opportunities for mailers depending on what their needs are.

We’ve brought to the marketing a number of different ways to work with Adknowledge. One is a manual opportunity through our affiliate network to choose the offers that you want to mail to your users based on what you know about your list. We also have the industry’s first and most robust automated email offer engine called AdStation Integrated. It’s a way to take advantage of our targeting, take advantage of our advertisers and creatives, but utilize your own mailing platform. So, you get from us our secret sauce but you continue to use the assets that you’ve invested in.

Finally, one of the best offers that we bring to the marketplace is a fully outsourced opportunity to work with us where, essentially, mailers that meet certain criteria of ours provide us data on an encrypted basis so they maintain the integrity of their list and we do all the heavy lifting.

Murray: How do you see that evolving this year?

Bill: What we’re seeing is more and more companies want to have control over the dial themselves. Although it’s nice to be able to outsource everything to a partner, companies are more hands-on. They want to be more in control of the technology they use — so the growth of the AdStation Integrated product is still pretty significant. It’s probably the most viable technological solution that the email industry has seen in a number of years.

Murray: Are there some specific additions to the secret sauce that you could talk about right now?

Bill: We have a team of data and analytics professionals. Of the 12 people on that team, 8-9 are Phd’s and applied mathematics and applied statistics — people that, when I have a conversation with them, it’s usually pretty short — very bright people developing new targeting algorithms so that we’re putting the right offers in front of the right subscribers at the right time.

Murray: So you’re really bring economies of scale and vast resources to an industry that’s traditionally been small-scale publishing teams and maybe being great at inboxing or great at managing technology systems or just having great data. You’re bringing additional advances in technology and resources to that industry.

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