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AdStation is Kicking Email Marketing's Ass

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The newest features to join the AdStation publisher platform have made their way to the pages of Today, the site released a review — AdStation is Kicking Email Marketing’s Ass.

The review boasts that email publishers have nothing to “bitch” about anymore — our new control features solve the most high-priority issues experienced by publishers in the industry. Plus, they note “it’s helpful, it works and it’s going to change the industry.”

Last month, we announced the impeding arrival of new control features that would allow publishers to choose and build offer templates and creatives, select advertising categories that best fit your audience and connect quickly via SMTP relay. We’ve held up to our promises — delivering each of the new features in the new year and even connecting new publishers in as little as one hour to being monetizing data without long, frustrating integration times.

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“We’ve basically given publishers a lot more control over their data monetization,” said General Manager of Email Matt Hoggatt. “Content publishers who send newsletters promoting their website, or partners who just really know their audience, can now choose the specific templates and advertising categories that they feel their audience will be most responsive to, ensuring that they maximize their revenues while enhancing engagement.”

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Add in the fact that publishers can get started extremely quickly — and you’ve got one of the most powerful data monetization tools to shake up in the industry in quite some time.

“The SMTP relay is the faster, easier, simpler solution,” said the review. “A lot of mailers have been unable to work with the best solution in the industry, simply because they lacked the technical resources to get up and running. Set up via SMTP relay is fast and easy — it takes an hour or less. That’s why people like it.”

Contact the AdStation team to learn more or get started. Already an AdStation publisher? Simply contact your account manager to activate these new tools in the platform.

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