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Get Up and Running on AdStation in Less Than One Hour

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AdStation, Adknowledge’s email channel, has announced the first wave of new features and functionality for its AdStation Integrated email marketing solution. Publishers will now be able to select custom templates, specific categories, and the frequency that each category is mailed to users. However, the single biggest breakthrough might be the ability to connect with the platform via a simple SMTP relay. Publishers have responded positively to the ease of access and have been set up to mail in less than one hour.

New features“Email publishers are officially out of excuses,” joked Senior Vice President of Sales Bill Intrater. “Our number one barrier in the past was always the integration with our API. Now, via SMTP relay, we’re able to provide full access to AdStation’s email offer engine, including custom creatives, templates, thousands of advertisers and the highest PPCs in the industry—all without a complicated integration.”

To design the roadmap of new product upgrades, AdStation polled its partners on what functionality they would most like to see added to the solution in 2015. AdStation responded by building the features that were not only the most requested, but also the most rewarding for publishers, in terms of immediate ROI. Topping the list: being able to choose templates as well as the specific offers their subscribers receive.

“We’ve basically given publishers a lot more control over their data monetization,” said General Manager of Email Matt Hoggatt. “Content publishers who send newsletters promoting their website, or partners who just really know their audience, can now choose the specific templates and advertising categories that they feel their audience will be most responsive to, ensuring that they maximize their revenues while enhancing engagement.”

AdStation, now available for the first time without API integration, is powered by proprietary response-based targeting, which provides real-time demographic and behavioral data. This data shows the most relevant offer to the most receptive consumer, at the most appropriate time. To learn more about AdStation Integrated, visit

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