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When searching for brand safe data monetization solutions for your digital audience, your options can seem pretty limited. Programmatic ad placements are still far from perfect and if you take a look at Pinterest’s wide collection of ad placement fails, it’s a less-than-gentle reminder that if you misstep — even unintentionally — the Internet will let you know about it.

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Many networks will do nothing to protect you from these situations. Advertisers set and bid for their ideal keywords. As the publisher, you determine where the ad goes and vaguely what’s allows — but the possibilities are nearly infinite and you can’t possibly account for every possible unfortunate scenario. If your brand if of high value to you, adding programmatic advertising to your site can actually pose quite a bit of risk.

That is, unless you’ve found the perfect brand-safe data monetization partner — like AdStation. Our simple solution involves white-label ad delivery. By presenting users a generic ad and monetizing the click versus the visual real estate in your email or on your site, we’re able to help you monetize your data while fully protecting your brand from the blow back of poorly matched displays.

What’s better — you get amazing additional benefits that many other networks also can’t provide. Achieve higher PPCs when serving our hyper-targeted offers to your audience. When distributed to your email marketing list, each and every subscriber receives a message catered to his or her specific interests — ensuring optimal engagement and click-throughs. When readers click, then we serve the best available content based on advertiser bids and relevance to the ad. We’ve also added features that empower you to control the categories from which ads can be served and the cadence with which they’re distributed. And, if you really want to optimize for your brand, you can now select creative templates from our library or create your own.

Our highly targeted delivery of premium ads to premium publishers protects your brand equity and empowers you to take as much or as little control as you want when monetizing your data. Contact our team today to learn more about how to get started.

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