Adknowledge Showing Record Earnings for Email Publishers

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AdStation Integrated product showing historically high returns for partners.

AdStation, Adknowledge’s email network channel, announced record high earnings being paid to partners using the company’s “AdStation Integrated” solution. Improved functionality, combined with mobile optimization and updated targeting algorithms, have combined to drive eCPMs higher than ever before.

“It’s all about the data,” said Matt Hoggatt, GM of Email. “We don’t just indiscriminately fire out emails to our users. We’re proud to have the largest and most comprehensive response-based targeting system on the planet behind us. Our offers are delivered to people who have an inherent interest in seeing our ads because they have been intelligently and specifically selected just for them.”

At a time when most networks are in decline, or even going out of business altogether, AdStation, and its partners, continues to flourish, in large part because of the success of the AdStation Integrated product. Essentially a fully automated email “offer engine,” AdStation Integrated provides email publishers with full access to not only exclusive creatives, but also the response-based targeting that is driving these industry-leading yields.

“There is no doubt that this gives our advertisers and publishers a clear advantage in the marketplace,” said Hoggatt. “Our partners like knowing that each advertisement being displayed in an email campaign has an better chance of being opened by a person most likely to engage with that specific message. That’s powerful stuff.”

Designed with total automation, targeting and enhanced deliverability as its primary strengths, AdStation Integrated was successfully launched in 2008, and has grown its client base dramatically ever sense. Back then, successful email marketing was more about the volume of mail sent, as opposed to creating user engagement by matching specific creatives to individual consumers. But with the increasingly selective nature of inbox filtering, along with the need to deliver and display clearly on mobile devices and tablets, doubling down on precise targeting and deliverability has proven to be a winning bet.

“We knew there was a significant market for this solution, and our growth continues to prove that we were right,” said Bill Intrater, VP of strategic alliances, “Simply blasting out emails is quickly becoming a justifiably extinct business practice. Publishers that advance with a focus on offer relevance through the use of response-based targeting technology will prosper, and we’re just pleased to be able to provide this functionality to our partners. We started this five years ago, and we’ll continue to evolve the product as the market and our partners demand.”

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