Adknowledge Has the Highest Rated Affiliate Network According to Recent Independent Survey of Marketers

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Sometimes, the good guys win.

A recent independent survey of affiliate marketers, has revealed that Adknowledge has outscored the competition in the majority of key characteristics important to network management. The survey, completed by The Pert Group global research firm, asked marketers to rate various networks on a variety of topics.

The survey results suggested that the marketer’s biggest concerns centered on a desire for their network to not only be compliant and credible, but also financially stable. Respondents chose Adknowledge as their number one selection for the majority of attributes tested, including “being the most financially stable,” “having the most competitive payouts” and “having the best account management.”

“Marketers are looking for increased stability in the industry. Industry leaders that can address their concerns will be the long term winners in the market,” said The Pert Group’s Christopher Barnes, Senior Vice President of Client Strategy. “Efforts like Adknowledge’s Affiliate Relief Program, which is designed to help those affected by the industry downturn, directly addresses these concerns. That’s why it wasn’t surprising that Adknowledge scored so well on the benchmarks.”

The Pert Group sited recent financial turmoil in the industry and the subsequent shaken confidence of in the affiliate marketing industry as the reason for their survey, stating that the industry is one of the fastest growing segments of online advertising which continues to experience substantial growth. According to Forrester Research, the industry is expected to reach $4 billion by 2014.

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