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Dramatically increase user retention by converting in-app content into out-of-app engagement.

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InboxMobi Engagement

InboxMobi engages users with rich media, delivering your existing in-app and push notifications directly to their inbox. This far-reaching communications technology nudges users into returning to your app in a way that is impactful without becoming obtrusive. Reaching users at the right time, with the right message—even if they’re a lapsed user—creates an engagement solution like nothing else in the industry.

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InboxMobi Retention

We know retention is hard. Most users abandon an app on the same day they download it. InboxMobi more than doubles industry retention rates by maintaining captivating and clear communications with your audience at all times. Unhindered by limited character count or image restrictions, InboxMobi greatly extends the life of your users as well as your app.

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InboxMobi Monetization

InboxMobi’s enhanced monetization capabilities improve your user LTV throughout their extended life cycle. Delivering out-of-app advertising, directly to the top of your user’s inbox, creates a new stream of revenue that can completely transform your anticipated ROI.

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