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The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – the subscriber list.  It’s what all of us in email marketing aim to increase. So, let’s talk about some effective strategies to grow your email subscribers.

There are several solid ways to build your email list, the key is combining the efforts to maximize that growth. The most effective place to gather email addresses is directly from your website, according to a study by Marketing Sherpa. In 2013, it was reported that 77% of companies asked for an email address at some point on their website. Paul Harding, Jr. puts it well in saying that your “web page registration is one of the most trusted, hence the high success percentage.”

When looking to grow your subscriber list, it is critical that your current email marketing is solid, relevant and interactive. Including social share buttons within your current email campaigns is an easy and quick way for your current followers to ‘advertise’ for you. If your content is intriguing and addresses a current topic, making it easy to share at a click of a button allows your followers to send it to their friends. Social media is used by 76% of Americans, according to a new study by Statica. With all of those accounts having a corresponding email address, wouldn’t it be great to tape into this organically viral source of active users?

Another effective way to increase your email subscriber list is by reinvigorating an existing or older email list you may already have.  Many companies have been gathering emails since they became available in the early 1980s, but more enthusiastically since the early 2000s.  These lists can be used time and again, and if used effectively they can bring old followers back into the fold. Hubspot suggests that you offer a “re-opt-in” offer and delete all that are not interested, and we agree. By marketing to people who are interested in your message, you will see higher levels of engagement and conversion.

Along with this use and reviving of an old email list, provide targeted content for these renewed users. Allowing for the opt-in message to gain some personalized information about your audience will make delivering pertinent content easier. When you give your subscribers the opportunity to tell you what they want to receive, it increases your deliverability. This in turn increases the open rate and conversion activity to your website, social media page(s), or whatever your desired outcome may be. A Juniper study recently found that those who segment and use targeting can improve conversion rated by 355% and potential see revenue increases of 781%.

With many ways of improving your email subscriber list, and revitalizing an existing list, it is no wonder that email marketing is still considered the most effective form of affordable marketing. It is the single source that can allow you to segment your campaigns based on user interest, incorporated gamification, and utilize the power of the ever-growing social sphere.

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