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Data is the key element for all AdStation products. In addition to the standard reporting features, AdStation has the capability for publishers to receive data unique to each clicker – greatly increasing the amount of information provided to you. We also accept demographic attributes for each user, potentially increasing your chance of receiving geo-targeted, branded campaigns.

Enhanced Redirect provides publishers with additional performance data on each clicker and implementing the feature is simple and streamlined. There are currently two ways to activate the Enhanced Redirect feature on your AdStation account:

  1. Provide a domain or IP that is static and can always be called back.
  2. Add enhancedredirectdomain to your API requests.

By utilizing this method of retrieving performance data, you gain access to several pieces of information that are typically not available in AdStation’s standard online reporting:

  • Click Status
  • Country Code
  • HTTP Referrer
  • ENC Email
  • List ID
  • PPC
  • Pub ID
  • Request ID
  • User Agent
  • User IP
  • Sub ID

Your Account Manager must enable the Enhanced Redirect URL before any testing can be done. You also need the capability to take data from a URL string and translate that into a report. If you use an ESP for your AdStation mailings, this process must go through your ESP.

Optimize for branded offers by providing AdStation with geographic and demographic data.

Sending user-specific demographic information is as simple as adding another field to the API request that you, or your ESP, make through your integration with AdStation. By adding optional fields you can include demographic attributes, such as zip code or gender. Passing these attributes with each request adds to our behavioral targeting when selecting campaigns for your users – potentially increasing access to geo-targeted, branded offers.

Including some or all of the following fields will aid in campaign selection for each user:

  • Countrycode
  • Metrocode
  • State
  • Postalcode
  • Gender
  • Dayofbirth
  • Monthofbirth
  • Yearofbirth

Please coordinate with your Account Manager if you have demographic information on each, or just a portion, of your users. Passing any of this information, even if it is just postal codes, can greatly enhance AdStation’s behavioral targeting.

As always, your continued feedback is valued. We thank you for choosing AdStation and helping us build a better product.

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