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Collect More Data with URL Tracking Parameters

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Collecting data from your email marketing can be similar to squeezing lemons. It’s up to you to get every last drop of information you can possibly find. While your email service provider will collect a good chunk of the most immediately helpful information, we have a single, simple trick that can help you to easily see how your email campaigns measure up while viewing site data in Google Analytics.

Take advantage of Google’s URL builder.
The free tool uses a simple process to add custom campaign parameters to the end of your URL. What that means for you is that, when a subscriber clicks a link to your site, Google Analytics will collect additional information about where the click came from. Analytics returns the information to you in the “Campaigns” section of the dashboard — complete with additional details like Campaign Source, Campaign Medium, Campaign Name, Campaign Term and Campaign Content. With this added information, you can easily see the direct impact of your message on your site’s traffic and conversions.

What’s best — the URL builder is a very easy-to-use form. Simply input your parameters and click “Submit.” The URL will appear below, ready to use. Replace the existing links in your email with the enhanced ones, send your message and watch your fresh, detailed data roll in.

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