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Automate and Customize Your AdStation Reports with API Explorer

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By popular request, AdStation has created a back-end reporting interface for our publishers to access the individual data points our online reporting uses to create pre-packaged reports. This feature, called API Explorer, is available to all publishers and allows you to automate your systems to retrieve performance data directly from AdStation. Additionally, it allows you to construct custom reports within the API Explorer interface.

Contact your Account Manager for a full walk-through on customizing your reports.

Access API Explorer from any page in the publisher platform

Click the Help & Support button at the top of any page in the publisher platform. The link will direct you to the hub that houses API Explorer.


After clicking on API Explorer’s button you are brought to the following interface, which contains all the dimensions and measures available to build custom reports – or automatically pull data into your system.

Pull custom data sets and reports through easy to use checkboxes

There are four essential items you must check before pulling a custom report:

  1. Dimensions – there must be a dimension selected
  2. Measures – there must be a measure selected
  3. Filters – defaults to current date, make changes if necessary
  4.  Final Format – defaults to XML, make changes if necessary

Once you have selected the appropriate items, click Encrypt to create a URL that contains all the data. Copy and paste this URL into any browser window to open the report.

The system is designed to automatically pull information for all accounts that fall under your company name. If you only have a single account with AdStation Integrated, you can disregard this feature. If you have multiple accounts, you will need to select the individual account you want to pull data for, or pull for all the accounts you have.

Publisher platform

AutomationAutomate data to pull into your system

To set up API Explorer to communicate with your system, reference and follow the API Explorer documentation available when you are logged into the publisher platform. The API Basics page provides detail about how the reporting API functions along with authentication parameters, response types, response structure and examples. The Performance API page provides extremely detailed examples of API calls along with detailed notes on filters, measures and dimensions.

If you have questions about API Explorer and other reporting features, contact your AdStation account manager for additional details.

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