Achieve higher PPCs

Brand Safe Data Monetization

Andi Hubbard Blog, Monetization 1 Comment

When searching for brand safe data monetization solutions for your digital audience, your options can seem pretty limited. Programmatic ad placements are still far from perfect and if you take a look at Pinterest’s wide collection of ad placement fails, it’s a less-than-gentle reminder that if you misstep — even unintentionally — the Internet will let you know about it. …

Leads and revenue from email

How to Use Email to Generate Leads and Revenue

Matt Hoggatt Blog, Monetization

When it comes to online marketing, email is one of the most powerful tools you have. Social media might be the latest sexy medium, but when it comes to generating leads, nurturing customer relationships and providing long-term growth, email is still incredibly effective. It’s easy to use, priced right and it works. Here’s proof: Even with all of the new …

Publisher solution

How Do I Know My Publisher Solution is Best for Me?

Kristin LaBatt Blog, Monetization

Tough question, though a good one, because the successful publisher program doesn’t happen by accident. In fact, there are many factors contributing to a publisher program’s ability to rise above its competition and become truly profitable. One factor is the level of investment by a company in the longevity and growth of that publisher program; another is the relative experience …

Product comparison

Using Product Comparison to Your Advantage

Ashlea Owings Blog, Monetization

Many companies and marketers are wary of comparing their product or brand to the competition. You hear things like: “Isn’t that helping promote my competition?” The answer is: No. If you think the consumer isn’t comparing product or brand to your competition, you are being naive. Of course they are. This article will tell you how you can do the …

AdStation Commits to Quality, Reinforcing Investment in Targeting and Technology Platform

Lance Hemenway Blog, Monetization

Adknowledge email channel further improves traffic quality, phases out affiliate network. KANSAS CITY, Mo. – September 26, 2013 – AdStation, Adknowledge’s email channel, is announcing a renewed strategic focus on email technology, placing a premium on traffic quality, brand safety, and publisher returns. As a result, AdStation is discontinuing distribution methodologies that don’t directly integrate with the AdStation technology platforms. …

To Buy Traffic Or Not To Buy Traffic

Cara Peppers Blog, Monetization

That is the question, and it’s one that pops up quite a bit. The answer depends on what you want to achieve based on your sales and marketing goals as well as how much time and money you have available. The bottom line is that you have to continually work to increase site traffic in order to generate revenue. There …

AdStation Partners with Bridge Marketing

Lance Hemenway Blog, Monetization

Agreement enhances Adstation data monetization solutions KANSAS CITY, Mo. – June 17, 2013 – Today AdStation, Adknowledge’s email network, announced its partnership with Bridge Marketing, a leading email hygiene and verification business. The agreement makes Bridge Marketing a key element of AdStation’s significant email publisher offerings. “Bridge Marketing was precisely what we were looking for,” said Bill Intrater, Adknowledge VP …

Adknowledge Announces Official Launch of

Lance Hemenway Blog, Industry Events, Monetization

Adknowledge proudly announced today the official launch of AdStation, the email channel of Adknowledge, recently reported record high earnings for publishers and advertisers alike. That, combined with free mobile optimizations for all advertisers, contributed to Adotas naming AdStation the top email ad performer in the industry just last month. “Things have just really taken off,” said Matt Hoggatt, GM …

Getting the Most from Your Network

Andi Hubbard Blog, Monetization

Improved ROI, new lead generation and remarketing opportunities are just few reasons why so many advertisers offer partner programs. The sole purpose of a partner program is to churn additional profit. Setting up a partner program is the easy part; managing it for profitability is more difficult. Money-making programs are expertly managed on all levels, from courting and keeping A-List …