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Make the Most of Your Data

Kristin LaBatt Blog, Data and Analytics

Data is the key element for all AdStation products. In addition to the standard reporting features, AdStation has the capability for publishers to receive data unique to each clicker – greatly increasing the amount of information provided to you. We also accept demographic attributes for each user, potentially increasing your chance of receiving geo-targeted, branded campaigns. Enhanced Redirect provides publishers …

New features

Reengagement Strategies for Email Marketers

Andi Hubbard Blog, Content and Creative, Data and Analytics

Building and maintaining reliable relationships with each of your clients can be one of the best strategies for ensuring customer satisfaction and retention. The challenge, though, comes in scaling your strategies to efficiently connect with many customers on a personal level. Enter email. Sending and reading email is the most popular online activity with 94% of Internet users regularly sifting …

New data filtering and clickers list features

AdStation Launches New Data Filtering and Clickers List Features

Kristin LaBatt Blog, Data and Analytics

AdStation publishers can now enjoy two new reporting features in the Publisher Solutions interface: data filtering and valid clickers list. Both are part of ongoing improvements that provide AdStation publishers with enhanced tools and insight to improve performance. Filter data based on AdStation-specific historical information With new data filtering, you can weed out unwanted users based on specific criteria. Easily …

Big data

How Can “Big Data” Help You?

Cara Peppers Blog, Data and Analytics

Digital marketing is scary to some because it’s extremely easy to tell what works and what doesn’t. It sounds counterintuitive, but this is intimidating because it means you will come face to face with failure. Knowing what to do with that failure is what will make you successful. If you see something that’s not working – stop doing that. Nowhere …

Gmail Image Changes and Your Email Marketing

Lance Hemenway Blog, Content and Creative, Data and Analytics

Google announced on its Official Gmail Blog, on Thurs., Dec. 12, 2013, that it was implementing changes to its default action of blocking images in emails. This may have a strong impact on email marketing both positively and negatively. Before this policy change by Gmail, users would see a prompt that read: “Images are not displayed.” This was followed by …

Use Google Webmaster Tools to Work Around Encrypted Search Data

Lance Hemenway Blog, Data and Analytics

It was undoubtedly a sad and tragic day when Google decided to start encrypting keyword data. In your Google Analytics, more and more, you began seeing: (not provided). This “Google Hummingbird” update doesn’t have to be the SEO killer it may appear to be. There are other ways you can obtain information that will give insights to the keywords bringing …

Keeping Your Brand in Focus

Lance Hemenway Blog, Data and Analytics

There comes a time in the life of any company (or product) when its acceptance by its primary customer base has to be rejuvenated in order to re-awaken interest (and jumpstart your ROI). But before you take that step, ask your customers what they think. And I don’t mean just current customers. Ask those who are current, those who left …

Cutting Big Data Down to Size

Lance Hemenway Blog, Data and Analytics

Marketers have a love-hate relationship with Big Data. When it lands you in the bull’s-eye of your target audience, you love it. But when it takes forever to sift through the ever-increasing piles of stats to find that bull’s-eye, the relationship gets a little tedious. As new marketing channels continue to sprout, you can expect those data piles to grow …