Churn Rate – Why Are They Leaving?

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Did you know that every year, no matter how hard you work at increasing your email subscriber list you will likely have about a 25% attrition or churn rate? That equates to one in four email addresses on your list dropping off for one reason or another. Also meaning that your email building efforts need to stay ahead of your …

Taking Steps to Protect Customer Data

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The FTC enforces the CAN-SPAM Act, which regulates compliance standards for sending commercial email. The FTC also protects consumers by enforcing against “unfair and deceptive trade practices.” With all of the recent data breaches over the last few years, the FTC is concerned about the consumers whose personal information has been hacked, leading to identity theft and other issues. It …

CASL vs. CAN-SPAM: Differences in Email Compliance Law

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Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL) went into effect on July 1, 2014, and has since changed how many businesses, like AdStation, are able to support Canadian traffic. CASL applies to all commercial emails that companies send to users in Canada. Read on to understand the differences between CAN-SPAN and CASL compliance. 1. Consent CAN-SPAM: CAN-SPAM is technically an opt-out law, not …

Unsubscribe and List Cleaning Best Practices

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Users are receiving more email than ever these days. If you want your emails to reach them, there are things to keep in mind. Not only do you need to follow CAN-SPAM guidelines for unsubscribe links, but you should only be mailing to users who want to receive your mail. Mailing to users who don’t want it hurts your list …

List growth

5 Simple Strategies for Growing Your Email List

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Your email list is quite possibly your most valuable connection to your audience. If maintained well, the natural growth of your list can help you to make trusted, honest connections with users that truly want to receive your content. Organic growth can take quite a bit of time — but there are solutions for expediting the process without severely sacrificing …

List cleaning

Update Neglected Data with 5 Easy Steps for Email List Cleaning

Laura Noll Blog, Compliance

Sending email marketing campaigns to old or stale lists can result in high numbers of spam complaints, bounces and unsubscribes. All three can flag your account and IP as a sender of spam — eventually blocking your messages from the inbox. Add in that most email service providers have strict compliance standards designed to protect you as a sender and …

First-generation data

Moving Toward Mailing First-Generation Data

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Sending email marketing messages to purchased email lists is a notoriously dangerous practice. Sure, you can achieve quick reach, but it can make a permanent impact on your sender reputation and deliverability. The solution? Marketers have found long-term success in building and mailing first-generation lists. To truly understand the value of first-generation data, we must first know the pitfalls of …

Compliance requirements

AdStation Compliance Reminders

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As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, AdStation publishers must adhere to a set of compliance guidelines set forth in our publisher agreement. To ensure your account is protected and up to date with the latest information, follow these compliance requirements: Email header information must not be false or misleading. In the “From Line” of all emails, you must …

Is Your Prospect’s Security Program Blocking Your Message?

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Did you know that some security and firewall programs are blocking many links—even text links? To some degree, they may even be blocking your own logo … or maybe even family pictures if they are a certain image size. “OK,” you’re thinking, “that shouldn’t be too big of a problem for a workaround.” Think again.  “Blocked” means erased, wiped out, …

Always Be Blending

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People ask me, “Hey Keith, what is the single most important piece of advice you would give me as a mailer?” My answer? “Floss.” But nearly as important and three times as pertinent would be “Blend.” Blend. It’s the secret ingredient of all successful mailers. Whether it’s new data, clickers, or creatives, remember the mailer’s mantra- “Always be blending.” Pretend …