Prime Publishing + AdStation

A simple case study of content monetization done right.

Prime Publishing is a content oriented publisher that caters to more than 6.2 million subscribers, all of whom receive daily email newsletters. Prime was interested in content monetization, but had serious concerns regarding subscriber attrition. Prime was also worried that increased ad volume might impact the deliverability of their newsletters.

“We create, aggregate and review cooking and crafting content,” said President of Prime Publishing, Stuart Hochwert. “The goal of our 50+ in-house editors in Chicago is to provide 5 minutes of fun every day to our consumer through our websites, e-mail newsletters and communities we create. We are advertising supported, like radio, TV and many websites and magazines.

“Email is critical to our business and our subscriber’s enjoy getting new recipes and craft projects. We utilize e-mail newsletters for our content distribution and audience targeted advertisements for revenue generation. While looking for partners to assist in our subscriber revenue efforts, a trusted friend of mine in the publishing industry introduced me to Bill Intrater from AdStation.”

The Goal

The challenge to AdStation was to enable Prime Publishing to increase revenue without sacrificing the extreme care they had historically shown their user base.

The Solution

AdStation was able to perform a series of tests with Prime requiring absolutely no integration. AdStation also built a series of custom templates ensuring that the look and feel of each offer mailed was consistent with the Prime Publishing brand.

Prime Publishing was then able to take advantage of AdStation’s fully automated email offer engine which delivered offers to Prime Publishing subscribers at a cadence they controlled. AdStation’s extensive database of consumer profiles enabled Prime to send individually targeted offers to their subscribers, which greatly increased engagement.

“After learning about their solution we decided to give them a try,” said Stuart. “With access to AdStation’s advertisers, technology and their experienced support teams, we’ve enhanced our revenue in a safe and conscientious way. Subscriber attrition and deliverability risk were our initial concerns, but we were satisfied with our testing to now use AdStation regularly. We like the audience targeted offers, which they make available on a campaign by campaign basis and we utilize their fully automated option.”

The Result

After seeing only the first 30 days of revenue, Prime Publishing realized that they could enjoy a sizeable and entirely new stream of revenue without impacting their users in any negative way at all.

“Overall, they’ve helped us fill unsold inventory with a process that is easy and takes little overhead,” said Stuart. “I’d highly recommend that content publishers looking to monetize their subscribers via email, speak to AdStation.”

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