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Stop Sending Sucky Subject Lines

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Crafting perfect subject lines takes much more skill than one might expect. In fewer characters than your typical tweet, you must grab attention, make a point and cause just enough curiosity to inspire a click. The perfect subjects are very much a balance of art and science — involving just enough creativity to entertain while very strategically moving subscribers on to the real deal — your message.

The AdStation creatives write, test and optimize thousands of subject lines each month. They’ve seen it all — short, long, intricate, simple, subtle, shocking and beyond. We quizzed them on what works best and rolled the details into the perfect eBook just for you — the Pretty Great Guide to Subject Lines.

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The eBook’s 24 pages are packed with details for making the most of your email’s first impression. Stand out from the crowd with helpful tips on:

Messaging  •  Subject Length  •  Capitalization and Case  •  Punctuation
Good Words vs. Flagged Words  •  Mobile Optimization  •  Personalization
Testing and Optimization  •  Visual Recommendations  •  Content and more!

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