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It’s true. AdStation GM Matt Hoggatt has some excellent locks, and he recently showed them off for the cameras in an Adknowledge miniseries detailing aspects of the digital advertising technology business.

People have a limited amount of time. Today, we’re being bombarded with emails, texts, Facebook messages and all kinds of other things. You only have a few seconds of someone’s time, maybe even less. If they’re going to spend their time with your marketing message, it needs to be personal. It needs to be meaningful for them.

At the 40-second mark, the angle shifts a bit and you get a completely different take on Matt’s dynamite tresses.

Our new product, we call AdStation Custom Audiences. At it’s core, it’s a complete reinvention of email, but it’s really about personalizing the messages to the consumer. So, it’s working with brands to understand who their consumers are, teaching them things about their consumers – maybe they don’t even know today – then, understanding how to find those consumers at high volumes within our network.

The #1 conversation we typically have with marketers is convincing them that email is still a strong medium for marketing. It’s still the #1 way to market to your consumers. It’s the highest ROI – on average, a 40% ROI – for marketers. So, it’s definitely an effective form of communication.

What we want to create is a brand safe environment. We want to work with the biggest brands in the world where we know that email is still the most effective form of marketing communication. But, some brands are scared of it. There’s a bad end of the spectrum of people that are doing email marketing. So, it’s important for us that we make sure we differentiate from the spray and prey with personalization, precision — knowing the precise needs and wants of the consumers and making sure we’re marketing to those needs and wants.

Additional clips by Adknowledge CEO Ben Legg and VP of Sales Operations Lauren Cody are also part of the recent release. AdStation is the first of Adknowledge channels to be featured in the YouTube shorts.

“Each and every point Matt makes in the video is directly reflected in the expertise, passion and innovation AdStation brings to the table every day,” said AdStation Director of Marketing Lance Hemenway. “The fact that his hair looks amazing is an obvious bonus.”

More on AdStation Custom Audiences
AdStation Custom Audiences utilizes a highly sophisticated response-based targeting database of over 400 million consumers. Using key demographic and behavioral information, AdStation identifies your most active consumer segments and matches your highest value customers to look-alike audiences. With the new, higher volume audience that is a perfect match to your existing audience, you can efficiently extend your reach to new customers with a high likelihood of conversion and increased long-term value.

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