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If You Send Email, You Can Get an Apple Watch from AdStation

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AdStation, Adknowledge’s email channel, is putting its money where its mail is. Beginning today, AdStation will launch a limited-time promotion giving email publishers an Apple Watch just for trying the AdStation mailing platform.

“Once publishers see what we’re capable of, we believe that they’ll be with us for life,” said General Manager of AdStation Matt Hoggatt. “Of course we’re very excited to give away some Apple Watches, but once publishers see that we have more offers, better targeting and a higher ROI than anyone else in the industry, they won’t want to go anywhere else.”

Those wishing to take AdStation up on their offer aren’t going to have to wait around very long. Recently the company announced accessibility improvements that enable most publishers to be up and running in less than one hour – so you can be mailing offers and driving revenue right away. In addition, mailers can also select custom templates and specific offer categories.

“What we’re offering here is a great opportunity to try out AdStation,” said Senior Vice President of Sales, Bill Intrater. “We’re really excited to showcase all the reasons we’ve been repeatedly ranked number one in the email industry, and giving mailers an opportunity to receive an Apple Watch for trying the platform is just a really fun bonus. Everybody wins.”

The AdStation mailing platform has been riding high on a bevy of recent reviews and accolades within the industry. Most recently, trusted internet-guru and digital entrepreneur, Jeremy Shoemaker wrote that AdStation was number one in email monetization saying, “I am truly inspired by a company that, despite being in first place, continues to improve their product offering on an almost daily basis. If you have email data you want to monetize, you should be talking to them.”

To learn more about AdStation’s Apple Watch promotion, including the terms and conditions of the promotion, visit

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