Content Valuation and Monetization

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Content Monetization is a term that is used frequently in today’s marketing world. But what does it mean? How do you assign value to words or images?

Subhub defines content as “anything that can be digitized and delivered from the creator to the consumer over the Internet. This includes text, images, music, video and software.” To monetize something “is to convert an asset into or establish something as money or legal tender”. Putting the two together leads us to finding that content monetization, for these purposes, is assessing a monetary value to deliverable content via the Internet.

Content monetization, in today’s market, and for the intent of this article, refers to online content. Successful companies, and entire industries for that matter, have something in common with regard to their monetization and deliverability of content – they utilize several avenues to distribute relevant content to their users. They are not only writing captivating blog articles, but they are also publishing those articles across their social media sites. They are sending links to the blog in their weekly/monthly email newsletters. They have a blog page on their website. They are using keyword advertising through major search engines. They are leveraging partnerships to get others to assist in the publication of their materials, further widening their distribution.

Content monetization can take shape in several ways, and at AdStation, we focus on an integrated approach using email and digital monetization plans. By using consumer data we assist your company in increasing engagement while earning a record cost per impression (CPM).

Monetizing mobile solutions is a game changer for any company, and AdStation has the only native monetization solution for iOS. Leverage our groundbreaking mobile inbox to deliver maximum exposure each time your audience opens their email with 100% deliverability. By capturing the attention of your audience on their most engaging devices, you are able to drive action and intent in real time.

Another effective form of content monetization is through email marketing efforts. By incorporating targeted content with your emails, you are able to more effectively engage your email audience. When automated offers are included through an integrated API, you are able to deliver personalized responses at your pace. You set the automation interval and allow the system to assist in the engagement offers. These offers are delivered seamlessly with high-impact placements in addition to your regular emails.

Content monetization, particularly the online variety, is a fast growing business, and it is always changing. While much of the content we find online is free, it is being used to build audiences and deepen relationships with existing customers. When you provide relevant, insightful content that has meaning to a particular audience, you are building trust with them. They trust that they will open your emails or mobile messages and find the information worthwhile. This action keeps them coming back, and repeat customers are the backbone to any good business model. These are also the people that are most likely to recommend your business, refer people to your services, and offer free advertising by passing along your information to others.


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