New data filtering and clickers list features

AdStation Launches New Data Filtering and Clickers List Features

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AdStation publishers can now enjoy two new reporting features in the Publisher Solutions interface: data filtering and valid clickers list. Both are part of ongoing improvements that provide AdStation publishers with enhanced tools and insight to improve performance.

Filter data based on AdStation-specific historical information
With new data filtering, you can weed out unwanted users based on specific criteria. Easily accessed through the Control Panel, the feature is most useful for brand new, untested data added to your AdStation mailings.

The filters are based on AdStation-exclusive data. Available filters include:

  • Bad Email: Any email addresses that do not exist on a mailer server, addresses that have out-of-quota responses and addresses that bounce with “unknown user”
  • Unsubscribers: Any user in our network that requested unsubscribes
  • Complainers All: Users that complained from FBLs or SCOMP notifications
  • Complainers Multi: Users that have multiple complaints from FBLs or SCOMP notifications (2-49 complaints per user)
  • Complainers Super: Users with an extremely high number of complaints from FBLs or SCOMP notifications (50+ complaints per user)

The data filtering interface shows each active List ID on your account. Turning on data filtering allows you full access to change filters at any time. The filters you select also save if you deactivate the filtering, so you can quickly reactive at any time.

Get instant access to your most recent clicker file
Located in the main menu, the Valid Clicker 60 Day List allows you to quickly pull 60 days’ worth of valid clicker MD5s on your account. The data downloads as a .CSV file.

Fields included:

  • Enc_email: MD5s for each valid clicker
  • List_ID: The list ID each MD5’s valid click happened on
  • Records: The number of times each MD5 clicked from a particular list ID
  • Report_date: The last date this file was updated

The valid clickers file is updated once per week, every Wednesday. The 60-day window for valid clickers is not 60 days from the current date, rather 60 days from when the file was last updated. Please note this data is only available in MD5s as AdStation Integrated only uses MD5s, not email addresses.

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