Adknowledge Ranked #1 in Email Ad Performance

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Adknowledge Takes Top Honors From Internet Advertising News Publication Adotas.

Adknowledge announced today that it has been ranked number one in email ad performance by Adotas, one of the largest internet advertising news publications in the industry. Adotas completed a recent assessment of email marketing companies and found that Adknowledge’s email channel came out on top.

“The testimonials we received about Adknowledge’s performance in the email space were overwhelmingly positive,” said Mike Daly, GM/Editor, Adotas. “Time and time again, we heard from clients that they got a better bang for their buck with AdStation than they had from previous vendors. And this in a particularly challenging marketing segment where you really have to know how to leverage your data to get real results.”

Adotas focused much of its praise on AdStation’s recent record-high earnings for both advertisers and publishers across multiple platforms, as well as our world-class targeting technology. Adotas also discussed the continued value of email marketing in general, and praised Adknowledge’s email channel, AdStation, for its recent mobile optimization initiatives for all customers.

Matt Hoggatt, GM of Email at Adknowledge, was pleased to hear about the Adotas ranking. “We’re thrilled that Adotas has ranked us number one in email ad performance,” Hoggatt said. “AdStation has always focused on delivering quality conversions with absolutely no risk to our partners or their brands. Our partners like knowing that each advertisement being displayed in an email campaign has a better chance of being opened by a person most likely to engage with that specific message. It’s a powerful solution.”

This isn’t the first time the company has taken top honors for their email solutions. Adknowledge was also the highest-rated network in a survey of email marketers just last year. The study, conducted by The Pert Group, a global research firm, found that Adknowledge had not only the highest payouts, but also the best account management, as well.

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