Subject lines

Everything You Need to Know About Subject Lines

Kristin LaBatt Blog, Content and Creative

Alternatively titled: Why Long, Boring, Uninteresting and Overly Complicated Subject Lines Without Any Real Point Go Completely Unread. But then that just proves our point.  Not all emails are read. (Duh.) No one has time for low-quality email marketing when your first impression is often your last.  So, it’s in your best interest to use your email subject line to stand …

API Explorer reporting

Automate and Customize Your AdStation Reports with API Explorer

Kristin LaBatt Blog, Data and Analytics

By popular request, AdStation has created a back-end reporting interface for our publishers to access the individual data points our online reporting uses to create pre-packaged reports. This feature, called API Explorer, is available to all publishers and allows you to automate your systems to retrieve performance data directly from AdStation. Additionally, it allows you to construct custom reports within …

Publisher data

Make the Most of Your Data

Kristin LaBatt Blog, Data and Analytics

Data is the key element for all AdStation products. In addition to the standard reporting features, AdStation has the capability for publishers to receive data unique to each clicker – greatly increasing the amount of information provided to you. We also accept demographic attributes for each user, potentially increasing your chance of receiving geo-targeted, branded campaigns. Enhanced Redirect provides publishers …

New data filtering and clickers list features

AdStation Launches New Data Filtering and Clickers List Features

Kristin LaBatt Blog, Data and Analytics

AdStation publishers can now enjoy two new reporting features in the Publisher Solutions interface: data filtering and valid clickers list. Both are part of ongoing improvements that provide AdStation publishers with enhanced tools and insight to improve performance. Filter data based on AdStation-specific historical information With new data filtering, you can weed out unwanted users based on specific criteria. Easily …

Social in email integration

4 Simple Steps for Integrating Social Media with Email

Kristin LaBatt Blog, Content and Creative

According to MarketingProfs, “email is thriving, not perishing, in our social media-loving age.” In fact, publishers can take advantage of social media to easily extend the reach of email and boost click-through rates. The CTR of an average email is 2.4%, but add social icons and the CTR jumps to 6.2% — a 158% increase! How can you integrate social …

Publisher solution

How Do I Know My Publisher Solution is Best for Me?

Kristin LaBatt Blog, Monetization

Tough question, though a good one, because the successful publisher program doesn’t happen by accident. In fact, there are many factors contributing to a publisher program’s ability to rise above its competition and become truly profitable. One factor is the level of investment by a company in the longevity and growth of that publisher program; another is the relative experience …

New Year's resolutions

6 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions for 2014

Kristin LaBatt Blog, Content and Creative

The past year saw several changes that affected Internet marketing. The continual growth of mobile and social media, to the shift towards “me-commerce,” to changes in search engine algorithms focusing on content over SEO, and more; all meant marketers had to change tactics in 2013. If you haven’t already made changes to your marketing tactics, here are some marketing resolutions …

Holiday marketing mistakes

Ho-Ho-Hold It! How to Avoid 12 Holiday Marketing Mistakes

Kristin LaBatt Advertising, Blog

While you prepare to celebrate the twelve days of Christmas, here are 12 holiday marketing mistakes to avoid. Remember the holiday, or the Christmas shopping season is defined as November and December. Also don’t neglect these special shopping days for 2013: Black Friday (November 29), Small Business Saturday (November 30), and Cyber Monday (December 2). Mistake 1: No plan – …