Recent Updates for Inbox by Gmail

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There are many variations of mobile inboxes available based on device and loyalties. Earlier this year, Google announced that it now had 900 million users on a monthly basis. At the same time they also released that 75% of Gmail users are opening their email on a mobile device. So, it is only natural that Google would have their own …


Test, Review, Optimize and Repeat (and Repeat, and Repeat)

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The process is pretty standard. You create your email. You test it — for quality, function, usability, engagement and so on. You see what works and, more often, what doesn’t. Make your changes. Then, start the process again. Endlessly. You may be thinking, “oh, no, that’s simply not true. We only have to test our emails a couple of times …

Keys to deliverability

Engagement and Relevance: Keys to Email Deliverability

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The topic of deliverability is pervasive in the email industry and it’s clear that email marketers are facing challenges in this area of their operations. We caught up with email marketing expert Bill Intrater, VP of Strategic Alliances at AdStation, for the answers to questions everyone is asking. Email, as an industry, seems to be experiencing some troubles with deliverability, but AdStation’s …

List growth incentives

3 Questions That Will Improve Your List Growth Incentives

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Growing your email list can be a challenge. Many mailers turn to promotions and giveaways to sweeten the deal for potential subscribers while encouraging them to provide their information. Incentives can be excellent tools for list growth when used correctly — and we can help you do just that by asking a few simple questions. 1. Is the subscriber interested …

Creating relevance

3 Keys to Creating Relevance

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Email opens, click-throughs and success are directly related to how relevant your message is to your audience. Finding common ground can be difficult, but simple considerations can boost your ROI significantly. Create relevance with 3 simple tips: Be strategic in your timing The phrase timing is everything has multiple meanings in the digital space. Change is always afoot, so timing …

Psychology lead gen

12 Ways To Use Psychology for Lead Conversions

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The world’s largest advertising agencies wield the power of psychology every day to influence consumers to act or to buy. You should be doing it too. These tactics work. Even better, they mostly don’t cost a dime to utilize. Furthermore, these are not “selling” techniques. They are techniques in which to speak to a prospect’s desires. Here are 12 persuasive …

Product comparison

Using Product Comparison to Your Advantage

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Many companies and marketers are wary of comparing their product or brand to the competition. You hear things like: “Isn’t that helping promote my competition?” The answer is: No. If you think the consumer isn’t comparing product or brand to your competition, you are being naive. Of course they are. This article will tell you how you can do the …