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AdStation GM Matt Hoggatt recently appeared on Performance Marketing Insider TV in an exclusive interview with email industry insider Murray Newlands.

Here’s their discussion:

Murray: Matt, what does Adknowledge do?

Matt: First of all, I want to thank you for inviting me here. We love Performance Marketing Insider. And, love that you guys are providing a forum for us and marketers like us to find each other, collaborate, keep up with each other and, most of all, find ways to work with each other. Very happy and very thankful for that. I look at your site every single day and am glad you guys are doing what you do.

Murray: Thank you.

Matt: So, what does Adknowledge do? The mission of Adknowledge is simple — Adknowledge delivers consumers to advertisers. But, it’s how we do it that makes us different. We do it by providing unique tools, unique reach and impactful service built on our foundation of organizing the world’s advertising data better than anyone else. And we do that, looking for ways to highlight possibilities, better target users and drive better ROI for both our advertisers and our publishers.

My business, specifically, is doing those same things and accomplishing those goals through the email channel. And we do that in three unique products.

  • List Management
    It’s the best full-service email monetization solution in the world. We have a team that can do everything for email marketers in-house and monetize their data better than anyone else.
  • Integrated API
    It’s what I consider one of the most unique and innovative email marketing product available today. There’s really nothing like it in the industry. The publishers and the partners that we have that use it absolutely love it.
  • Trusted partners
    We work with the largest email partners in the world. We do our best to ensure that we’re providing a lot of value for them and that each is a good partnership.

Murray: How do you work to develop those partners? Obviously, you’re trying to do the best with the email that you’re given. Start that process. Talk me through. You get a list to manage — how do you work with the tools you get? And once that’s working well, how do you take that out to your partners?

MattWhen we think about our partners, I think about two different types of partners because we need both to be successful. It’s our advertising partners and our publishing, or data, partners.

With our advertisers, it’s all about finding as many consumers as possible while meeting their CPA goals. It’s being the best possible, best that we can be at consumer acquisition. The way we do this, or at least our philosophy is about, working very closely with our top advertisers to really understand the types of consumers that they want. And to also provide a unique perspective based on our data and our campaign management skills to teach them the types of consumers that really like their offers that maybe they didn’t know about before. It’s all about doing that from a compliance perspective to make sure that those advertisers are completely comfortable and completely aware of each process each step of the way.

On the publisher side, or the data partner side, it’s all about building the world’s most innovative products to maximize the value of their data. And we’re very comfortable in our world-class approach at how we use data, data we’ve collected, and how we analyze that to create algorithms and create better campaign recommendations to better understand consumers so that we can connect those consumers with the right advertisers.

In the end, we want happy consumers. Happy consumers makes happy advertisers. Happy advertisers make happy data partners. That’s really what we’re about.

Murray: What are some top tips you have for monetizing data?

Matt: There are a lot of things you need to know to be a good email marketer. I can give you a few tips based on what I’ve seen with our most successful partners.

  1. By far, it’s all about data management. You have to have clean data. A prerequisite to a great email marketing program is to have absolutely pristine data. It’s not an area where you can take any shortcuts. You can’t afford any missteps there. From an Adknowledge perspective, we have the most innovative and advanced ways to manage the data and, also, segment the data so we can better market to it — specifically through our List Management solution. Of course, we work with our partners through consulting, working side-by-side with them to help them manage their data in a good way.
  2. Have access to the top offers in the industry. We have long-standing relationships with the largest agencies and brand performance advertisers in the industry. They trust us to manage their consumer acquisitions campaigns in a smart and compliant way. They know we can do it across a large set of products that gives them access to unique inventory. In the end, the result is that we and our partners have access to the top offers in the industry with the highest payouts and the highest budgets.
  3. Have great campaign management skills. The best marketers in the world know how to send the right offers to the right consumers — this is something that we excel at. At Adknowledge, we’ve invested millions of dollars in building the best campaign recommendation systems in the industry. We consistently see huge improvements anywhere between 30% and 200% in performance based on sending the right offers to the right consumers. And that’s a capability that we share through both our List Management product and our Integrated API product.

Murray: What makes you different from your competitors?

Matt: What really makes us different is that we really make it easier for advertisers to understand and get a decent ROI from hard-to-reach places on the Internet. We do that in a few different ways:

  1. Data. We have access to a unique dataset of past online behavior for over 600MM consumers. This is a dataset where we don’t track any kind of PII data and we don’t sell the data. Instead, we use that all for our ability to create better algorithms and better campaign recommendation systems so we can send the right offer to the right consumer. It’s something we’re really world-class at and invest a lot of time and a lot of capital in making sure we’re being very innovative there. We’re always better than our competition at doing that.
  2. Providing multiple products and solutions so that our partners have the right solution based on their needs. Our products today — List Management, Integrated API and our partner network — all build off the same consumer database. Those fit the needs of our partners. We have some new products that we have in the works and, hopefully, we’ll be able to release some of those soon. Our goal is to always be providing innovative ways to help our partners better manage their data and better monetize that data and help our advertisers get more value from consumers and improve their consumer acquisition campaigns.
  3. Having the best advertisers in the industry. The benefit of being part of a large multi-product, multi-national company is that we’re able to attract and retain the biggest advertisers with the biggest budgets which some of our other smaller competitors just can’t do. At Adknowledge, we have access to a large number of products not only across email but across display, social and multiple platforms where you can work with advertisers on a large range of datasets.
  4. Having the ability to find hard-to-reach places on the Internet. It’s something that we do really well. We can monetize that inventory through unique ad formats, targeting algorithms, data insights, aggregation, etc. In the end, it’s helping our advertisers find more users. That’s something we feel very strongly about in our people and our culture. For example, our hiring process is tougher than anything I’ve ever seen. We really bring people through the wringer before we bring them on. What that results in is great culture, A-team players, people who are very passionate, people who work very hard. It’s a very fast-moving environment full of what we call “ROI junkies” — people who believe “good enough” is never enough. They’re always looking to take the next step and literally work 24/7 to make customers happy. It’s a great environment where we feel very good about where we’re at today, but we also feel even better about where we’re going and where our people are going to take us.

Murray: What’s hot in email right now?

Matt: There are a lot of things going on in email right now. It’s still a strong, thriving industry. It’s still growing. It’s still one of the #1 sources for acquiring consumers. ROI on email is still north of 40%. It’s one of the best ways to monetize your Internet advertising spend and acquire consumers, so it’s something that we excel at — it’s really our foundation we were founded on and still invest in.

For us, where we see email going and where we’re investing is in mobile. Just like everyone else, we’re seeing a large number of consumers moving to their mobile devices. And even me and you, Murray, we’re using our mobile devices every day for checking email and writing email. It’s a completely different experience from the desktop. We recognize that. So we’re investing in making sure that the consumer experience, from our mobile standpoint, is fully optimized. Everything from creatives to the click to the landing page and conversion pass — ensuring everything about that experience feels very natural to the consumer and is very easy. In the end, advertisers want consumers whether they’re coming from desktops or mobile devices. The trend we see is that within the next couple of years mobile traffic is going to dominate the Internet and email as well. We want to make sure that we’re there for our publishers, data partners and advertisers and that we’re one of the best in the industry at mobile monetization.

Murray: If people want to connect with you, how do they do that?

Matt:  They can always go to our website, adstation.com. We’d love to connect with anyone in the industry, hear your ideas and see how we can help you make your campaign more successful.

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