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TheMail’s Murray Newlands caught up with AdStation GM Matt Hoggatt at ad:tech NYC to dicuss the industry’s only automated email marketing solution.

Murray: Tell me about AdStation.

Matt: AdStation is one of the largest email marketing platforms in North America. It’s really what Adknowledge was founded on and continues to grow. Our premier product as part of AdStation is our Integrated API product which is the industry’s only automated email marketing solution.

Murray: How does that work?

Matt: The way it works is we’ve built in all the automated targeting algorithms, we have all of the advertisers, we have custom creatives and everything built on the backend so that email publishers that are looking to monetize their list can call [our database] with an email address and we’ll return back a targeted, graphical HTML offer for them. It’s an automated solution, delivers higher CPMs and it’s easy.

Murray: If people want to find out more and start working with you, what kind of list size would they have to have?

Matt: Usually, our biggest publishers will have north of a million records. That’s probably the minimum we typically work with, but we’re happy to work with someone with a couple hundred thousand. Since it’s an automated solution, there’s not a lot of incremental work for us or for the publisher so it’s really for any list size.

Murray: You have an API solution. If people have a 200,000 list and they want to work through a third-party partner, who would that be?

Matt: We work with all the top ESPs and are able to recommend the best ESPs depending on your list. If you have certain domains or are heavy in AOL or are heavy in Hotmail, etc., we can find the best ESP for you, recommend them to you and you can get up and running.

Murray: If people want to find out more and work with you, what’s your email address?

Visit AdStation online at adstation.com, or contact us to get started.

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