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Adknowledge Unveils AdStation Custom Audiences

Lance Hemenway Advertising, Blog

AdStation, Adknowledge’s email channel, announced the launch of AdStation Custom Audiences, a new product featuring innovative technology that allows advertisers to target new consumers with unparalleled granular demographic and behavioral data.

“AdStation Custom Audiences fundamentally changes the way people will advertise online,” said General Manager of AdStation, Matt Hoggatt. “We’ve been testing this product for several months, and the results we’ve seen have been staggering. Not only can we look at an existing advertiser’s customer base and provide demographic details of those individuals, we can also provide access to millions of other consumers that match those exact characteristics.”

AdStation Custom Audiences utilizes highly sophisticated response-based targeting algorithms that are enhanced by Adknowledge’s demographic and behavioral data of more than 400 million consumers. This allows AdStation to identify new customers for advertisers based on their existing customer’s attributes. The analysis is done so the advertiser’s customer CRM data remains both anonymous and secure, while the deployment allows for comprehensive control and brand-safe distribution.

While still in the beta stage, AdStation performed a test with advertiser 3 Day Blinds, in which the company was able to target more than six million individual users across the AdStation network that shared precise characteristics with existing customers of 3 Day Blinds. AdStation Custom Audiences was quickly able to generate extraordinary results, which resulted in the initial test being expanded to 22 states, then shortly thereafter, the entire United States.

“We couldn’t believe the results,” said 3 Day Blinds Director of Marketing Adele Nasr. “We’ve never seen targeting technology or lead quality like this before. We scheduled over 700 qualified appointments in the first three months, which showed a nine times higher ROI over alternative lead generation methods–including paid search! Our experience with AdStation has been vastly superior to anyone else we’ve ever worked with.”

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