Adknowledge Announces CPM Pricing for Email Advertising

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New targeted CPM advertising promises “Google-like” results, but with a lower cost.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Dec 16, 2013 –Adknowledge proudly announces CPM-based pricing for advertisers utilizing AdStation’s email advertising. The added pricing model promises advertisers maximized share of voice within a specifically targeted audience segment, all time-bound without any testing constraints or hurdles, with guaranteed ability to scale immediately.

“The results we’ve been seeing so far are tremendous,” said AdStation General Manager Matt Hoggatt. “Our broader reach, combined with our increased ability to target specific audience segments, have proven that we can garner better results for our advertisers than they can get anywhere else.”

In fact, initial numbers show that AdStation’s CPM advertising is capable of creating results at least on par with Google advertising, if not better. In a recent case study, AdStation revealed an ongoing campaign for an advertiser, 3 Day Blinds, for which AdStation provided leads, but at a lower cost than Google.

“We couldn’t believe the results,” said 3 Day Blinds Director of Marketing Adele Nasr. “We scheduled over 700 qualified appointments in the first three months, which showed a nine times higher ROI over alternative lead generation methods–including paid search!”

In preparation for the 3 Day Blinds CPM advertising campaign, AdStation was able to target more than six million individual users across the AdStation network. Those users shared precise demographic characteristics of existing 3 Day Blinds customers. The initial test across only a few states was immediately expanded to the entire United States. Because of its response-based data, AdStation was able to guarantee 3 Day Blinds that all delivered impressions were pre-qualified to be delivered to the precise audience at the precise time.

Earlier this year, Adotas named AdStation “Number One in Email Ad Performance” and was also singled out by a research firm, The Pert Group, which recognized Adknowledge as the highest-rated email performance network operating today. Adknowledge also received “best account management,” “highest earnings,” “best technology” and “most financially stable.”

About AdStation
AdStation, Adknowledge’s email network channel, is the leader in email advertising and data monetization. Featuring a response-based targeting system that processes 20 billion calculations a day to match offers to precisely targeted consumers, AdStation delivers industry-leading yields on a fully outsourced or strategically integrated basis via a comprehensive performance advertising solution, reaching more than 400 million unique users. Boasting real-time statistics, targeting driven deliverability and custom creatives, AdStation maintains consistently high-quality conversions resulting in industry leading ROI. For more information about AdStation, visit

About Adknowledge
Adknowledge is a leading online network that offers unique ad formats, data analysis, targeting algorithms and creative approaches to provide advertisers with quality leads from hard-to-reach places on the Web using multiple channels, including the company’s AdParlor social media platform; AdBistro video and display platform; AdStation email platform as well as its apps and mobile businesses. With hundreds of employees located throughout North America, plus growing offices in Europe, Asia and South America, Adknowledge aims to set the standard in optimizing online advertiser ROI. For more information on Adknowledge, visit

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