Subject lines

Everything You Need to Know About Subject Lines

Kristin LaBatt Blog, Content and Creative

Alternatively titled: Why Long, Boring, Uninteresting and Overly Complicated Subject Lines Without Any Real Point Go Completely Unread. But then that just proves our point.  Not all emails are read. (Duh.) No one has time for low-quality email marketing when your first impression is often your last.  So, it’s in your best interest to use your email subject line to stand …

API Explorer reporting

Automate and Customize Your AdStation Reports with API Explorer

Kristin LaBatt Blog, Data and Analytics

By popular request, AdStation has created a back-end reporting interface for our publishers to access the individual data points our online reporting uses to create pre-packaged reports. This feature, called API Explorer, is available to all publishers and allows you to automate your systems to retrieve performance data directly from AdStation. Additionally, it allows you to construct custom reports within …

Trust that sticks

Trust That Sticks

Andi Hubbard Blog, Content and Creative

Trust. It’s the social superglue that binds you to your own success. And, you make that superglue — all by yourself. Unless you screw it up. (Do not screw it up.) Trust is important. Whether it’s your personal life or your business life, trust must always be earned and it’s never easy to regain once lost. Email marketing is only effective …