Leads and revenue from email

How to Use Email to Generate Leads and Revenue

Matt Hoggatt Blog, Monetization

When it comes to online marketing, email is one of the most powerful tools you have. Social media might be the latest sexy medium, but when it comes to generating leads, nurturing customer relationships and providing long-term growth, email is still incredibly effective. It’s easy to use, priced right and it works. Here’s proof: Even with all of the new …

Compliance requirements

AdStation Compliance Reminders

Jessie Sight Blog, Compliance

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, AdStation publishers must adhere to a set of compliance guidelines set forth in our publisher agreement. To ensure your account is protected and up to date with the latest information, follow these compliance requirements: Email header information must not be false or misleading. In the “From Line” of all emails, you must …

Keys to deliverability

Engagement and Relevance: Keys to Email Deliverability

Ashlea Owings Blog, Delivery

The topic of deliverability is pervasive in the email industry and it’s clear that email marketers are facing challenges in this area of their operations. We caught up with email marketing expert Bill Intrater, VP of Strategic Alliances at AdStation, for the answers to questions everyone is asking. Email, as an industry, seems to be experiencing some troubles with deliverability, but AdStation’s …

Press release

AdStation Announces New Branded CPC Email Solution

Laura Noll Advertising, Blog

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — July 15, 2014 — AdStation, Adknowledge’s email channel, has added CPC options for branded standalone email campaigns — traditionally a CPM and CPA-based service. The new brand-specific CPC offering enables advertisers to leverage AdStation’s look-alike audience intelligence and deliverability expertise to drive conversions. “AdStation has spent more than a decade building a category-based CPC targeting engine for …

List growth incentives

3 Questions That Will Improve Your List Growth Incentives

Ashlea Owings Blog, Content and Creative

Growing your email list can be a challenge. Many mailers turn to promotions and giveaways to sweeten the deal for potential subscribers while encouraging them to provide their information. Incentives can be excellent tools for list growth when used correctly — and we can help you do just that by asking a few simple questions. 1. Is the subscriber interested …

Email Reinvented

Email, Reinvented: Why Customization is Crucial

Matt Hoggatt Blog, Content and Creative

Historically, the key to email advertising has been deliverability. If a user tends to open his mail and/or respond to it, messages will definitely be placed in the inbox. If recipients ignore mailings, they’re going to wind up in the junk folder. The days of blindly firing out as many emails as possible to random email addresses has become an outdated …

New data filtering and clickers list features

AdStation Launches New Data Filtering and Clickers List Features

Kristin LaBatt Blog, Data and Analytics

AdStation publishers can now enjoy two new reporting features in the Publisher Solutions interface: data filtering and valid clickers list. Both are part of ongoing improvements that provide AdStation publishers with enhanced tools and insight to improve performance. Filter data based on AdStation-specific historical information With new data filtering, you can weed out unwanted users based on specific criteria. Easily …

Effective links

Creating Effective Links

Cara Peppers Blog, Content and Creative

Adding a link to your email isn’t particularly difficult — but adding multiple and weighing what to link and where can be another story. Link placement and calls to action can make or break the effectiveness of your message. Improving the return on your investment of time and resources can be a few strategic steps away. Limit the number of links Generally, …