Subject lines

4 Simple Tricks for a Better Subject Line

Laura Noll Blog, Content and Creative

Email open rates hover at about 27% for the entire medium. Yours could be more or less, but one surefire way to increase them is with a great headline, or subject line. We’ve all gotten emails that were DOA (Deleted On Arrival) because the subject line was confusing, irrelevant, or meaningless. A strong, compelling headline can be your only chance …

Our General Manager has Great Hair

Laura Noll Advertising, Blog

It’s true. AdStation GM Matt Hoggatt has some excellent locks, and he recently showed them off for the cameras in an Adknowledge miniseries detailing aspects of the digital advertising technology business. People have a limited amount of time. Today, we’re being bombarded with emails, texts, Facebook messages and all kinds of other things. You only have a few seconds of …

Shared accounts

Reach Shared Email Account Users with Response-based Targeting

Laura Noll Advertising, Blog

Precisely targeting an audience can be challenging. Introduce shared email and social accounts to the mix and you could be missing the mark entirely. Thankfully, there are tools that can ensure that your email is delivered to the right audience at the right time. In the recent Internet Project survey by Pew Research Center, 27% of Internet users in committed …

Publisher solution

How Do I Know My Publisher Solution is Best for Me?

Kristin LaBatt Blog, Monetization

Tough question, though a good one, because the successful publisher program doesn’t happen by accident. In fact, there are many factors contributing to a publisher program’s ability to rise above its competition and become truly profitable. One factor is the level of investment by a company in the longevity and growth of that publisher program; another is the relative experience …