Crucial Tweets for Twitter Marketing

Andi Hubbard Blog, Content and Creative

Twitter provides you with a great opportunity for marketing and promoting your brand. If you aren’t using twitter to promote your brand, you should be. This guide will show you some very simple steps you can take to make twitter benefit your brand and your customer. These are great for getting more people to follow your brands and to increase …


Let’s Get Engaged

Ashlea Owings Blog, Content and Creative

How customer engagement is a lot like dog training. It dawned on me today, while training my newly acquired puppy, that getting your customers to engage with you is a lot like dog training. It’s part psychology and highly motivated by rewards. Fetch Reciprocity. I give you something and you do something for me, right? You do this action and …


Essential SEO for Blogs in Any Algorithm

Ashlea Owings Blog, Content and Creative

Google seems to be rolling out algorithm updates one after another. Many speculate the death of SEO, while others remained confused. What helps? What hurts? SEO is certainly not dead. Core principles of SEO remain. Let’s review simple, essential things you can do to keep your blog posts optimized. Keywords: You can’t Rank For Everything If you are trying to …

Go Mobile or Go Home – Mobile Fitness Checklist

Lance Hemenway Blog, Content and Creative

Have you realigned everything you are doing to be mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized? If you haven’t, you’d better stop ignoring its importance. Do it now. It’s time to: “Go Mobile or Go Home.” Your prospects and viewers are arriving more and more on mobile devices. If your sites and emails are not translating well for mobile, your audience will be frustrated …